UNIDO rank for Suryacipta
21 Apr 2021

Suryacipta Got Highest Score in Eco-Industrial Parks (EIP) by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Indonesia and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have been working together since 1980 with the Ministry of Industry as the National Focal Point. The latest collaboration between UNIDO and the Ministry of Industry is the Global Eco-Industrial Park Programme (GEIPP) which is aimed to develop industrial parks through an environmental approach.


UNIDO conducted the research (2018-2020) of 50 industrial parks in 8 developing countries (Indonesia, Colombia, Egypt, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa, Ukraine, and Vietnam) towards performance indicators defined in the International Framework for environmentally friendly industrial park or Eco-Industrial Parks (EIP).


According to the Ministry of Industry Authority, Dody Widodo (2020), "The EIP concept is an initial step towards the Smart Industrial Park which become the Ministry of Industry's priority program to develop a digital technology-based and environmentally friendly industrial parks. Thus, it will increase the industrial efficiency and competitiveness in the region”.

GEIPP Assessment by UNIDO including Suryacipta

Suryacipta Assessment score for GEIPP

The above chart is derived from a journal, "Results and Lessons Learned from Assessing 50 Industrial Parks in Eight Countries against the International Framework for Eco-Industrial Parks" which includes an analysis report from the EIP assessment by UNIDO. The assessment over 50 industrial parks from 8 countries, 11 of them are in Indonesia. Further data extraction of Indonesia, depicts that Suryacipta records the highest score, not only in Indonesia but also among the 50 industrial parks.


Suryacipta is developed and managed by PT Suryacipta Swadaya (Suryacipta), a subsidiary of PT Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk (SSIA). Following the concept of green industry and focus on the environmental sector, this achievement shows the company's commitment to the environment and communities.


Combining more than 31 years of experience and cutting-edge technology, Suryacipta has unveiled a smart city with the smart and sustainable concept, namely Subang Smartpolitan (Smartpolitan), a complete ecosystem where industrial, residential, commercial, education, and healthcare in one area.

Suryacipta WWTP

Suryacipta and Smartpolitan not only implement smart systems in their areas but also smart environments. In the future, Suryacipta and Smartpolitan are expected to become benchmarks for other industrial parks. In the end, it can contribute to the development of an inclusive and sustainable industry in Indonesia that aligns with the company's vision "Building a Better Indonesia".