Soft Opening Industrial
1 August 2019

Integrated Investment & Licensing (DPMPTSP) & BPJS Karawang Representative Office Opened in Suryacipta City of Industry

Suryacipta is the pioneer of free one–stop–service aiming to assist investors and potential investors to plan, prepare and operate their investment processes. This service is called Suryacipta Centre of Information (“SCI”) that provides any information and guidance services regarding investments (e.g. company establishment; factory construction; permit licensing etc.).Since established (December 2016), up to date, this free service has assisted 105 companies with almost 300 investment guidances.

DPMPTSP Karawang & BPJS (Kesehatan & Ketenagakerjaan) have now been in partnership with Suryacipta Centre of Information, a service provided by Suryacipta to ease the investment processes with schedule as follow:

  • Every first and second Thursdays of the month;
  • At 10:00AM – 15:00PM;
  • Suryacipta Centre of Information, GF The Manor Building, Suryacipta City of Industry.

DPMPTSP Karawang is investment board and licensing dedicated to every investment license and certificate in Karawang district, whose services included:

  • Online Single Submission (“OSS”);
  • Environmental Permit;
  • Permit for hazardous Waste Collection;
  • Temporary hazardous Waste Storage Permit;
  • Building permit (“IMB”);
  • Business Licese (Izin Usaha Industri); etc.

Bringing the presence of DPMPTSP Karawang & BPJS (Kesehatan & Ketenagakerjaan) closer to investors/tenants, we can now enjoy information, guidance and services to be assisted in timely manner with accuracy.This is another manifestation of Suryacipta’s vision, i.e. Building a Better Indonesia

Suryacipta City of Industry as one of the largest industrial estates in Karawang is one of the selected industrial estate for KLIK facility (Kemudahan Investasi Langsung Konstruksi). With the operation of SCI and with the KLIK status, Suryacipta has become more investor friendly industrial estate.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
Mohammad Faiq (Mr)
or at +6281382729131 and +62267 440088 ext. 8811.

Integrated Investment
BPJS Karawang Representative Office
Integrated Investment
DPMPTSP Representative Office