Investing in Suryacipta

Investing in Suryacipta is Easy

Suryacipta is the pioneer of one–stop–service aiming to assist investors and potential investors to plan, prepare and operate their investment processes. This service is called Suryacipta Centre of Information (SCI), providing information and guidance relating to investments (e.g. company establishment; factory construction; permit licensing etc.).

Since established (December 2016), up to date through its dedicated personnel, this free-of-charge service has assisted 107 companies with over 300 investment guidance.

Combination of Suryacipta’s over 30 years of experience, KLIK status and the one-stop-service, has proven Suryacipta to be the ideal location for your investment, offering “ease of doing business”.


Direct Construction Investment Service (KLIK)

KLIK is a government support program, enabling investors to start construction immediately after principle and investment permits are obtained, whilst the permits are being managed in parallel (e.g. Building Permit).

Learning from past experiences, this program saves minimum half a year of time for investors.


Investment Guideline

Representing 50% of ASEAN's GDP, Indonesia is deemed as the largest economy amongst ASEAN countries, also is deemed as the 16th largest world economy.
With 5.5% average GDP growth, Indonesia is the fastest growing middle class with 3-5 million people entering the "consuming class" each year.