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Welcome to Subang Smart & Sustainable City

Subang in Brief

Welcome to Subang Smart & Sustainable City, the nearest industrial estate to Patimban Seaport with a complete ecosystem where enables you to make the very most of your investment in Indonesia.

Located in the heart of Java Industrial corridor expansion with total area 2,000Ha and passed by Cipali Toll Road, future Cipali-Patimban Toll Road and near the Java Railway Transport System make this area is highly suitable for Industrial Township Development.

Applying the Concept of Smart & Sustainable City with Implementation of IoT & Advance Technology will support the business activities within this Industrial Township area.

Through all the relevant features and services, Subang Smart & Sustainable City is projected to become a role model of Industrial 4.0 Development in Indonesia.



Subang Industrial Lot

Industrial PLot

Subang Industrial Building

Industrial Building

Subang Commercial Warehouse


Subang Residential