Why Karawang
Why Karawang

Welcome to Karawang

Best Place for Investing

Karawang is one of the government prioritized regions in Indonesia’s national strategic infrastructure development program. The availability of commercial, educational, residential, healthcare facilities, and strong transportation network resulting Karawang as the preferred location for global manufacturers. As a truly global city built for innovation and growth, Karawang has been thoughtfully designed to achieve operational efficiency, higher productivity, and sustainable growth.

About Karawang

The Capital of Manufacturing Industry

Karawang Infrastructure
Elevated Toll-Road
Karawang Infrastructure
Jakarta - Cikampek
(Trans Java Highway Network)
Karawang Infrastructure
West Java International Airport
Karawang Infrastructure
Strategic national infrastructure connect Karawang to the world
Karawang Infrastructure
Karawang Infrastructure
High Speed Railway
Karawang Infrastructure
Patimban Deep
Sea Port

GDP per Capita

4,989 USD

Potential workforce


Companies and
manufacturing industries


Top global and
FORBES companies


World’s top consumer
electronics companies

8 of 10

World’s top
automotive companies

6 of 10

World’s top
FMCG companies

5 of 10