Investing in Indonesia for any Businesses

Compiled important facts about Indonesia to consider when investing in Indonesia


Largest Economy in SEA

Indonesia is #1 Largest Economy in Southeast Asia


#4 Most Populous Country

Indonesia is #4 world’s most populous country with 270 million citizens



Outlook with investment-grade ratings from S&P, Fitch & Moody’s


High Economic Growth

8% expected economic growth in 2021 and 5.02% economic growth in 2019.


Top 3 GDP Growth

Top 3 GDP growth of 2018 – 2019 among G20 countries at 1.2%

Potential Industry Destination in Indonesia

Sueyacipta Square 1300

The Potential of Karawang

Karawang lies in the heart of Jakarta-Bandung economic corridor, located between two major cities in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Therefore, Karawang is:

  • The hub of 10,252 manufacturing companies.
  • Home to 1.1 million potential capable workforces which become the epicenter of supply chain links.

The Potential of Subang

Located at the heart of West Java with a good network connection to major cities of Java, Subang Regency is an ideal investment destination and is set to become the future industrial corridor following Karawang.

Moreover, Subang is:

  • located in the proximity of 10,252 supply chain manufacturing companies.
  • home to more than 800.000 potential quality workforce.
  • having lower competitive wages around USD 207.
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