CSR Suryacipta: Caring About Early Childhood Education

Educational development for early childhood begins with the playing learning approach. Child education experts agree that education at an early age can help stimulate children’s emotional and intellectual development because children will learn how to be patient, independent, and get along with other people. In addition, children will also be introduced to creative and fun activities such as singing, drawing, cultivating, and interacting with other children of the same age.

Basically, the main goal of early childhood education is to build positive character in a child. The positive character should be taught from an early age for it to be a strong foundation so that the child can be successful in the future. Positive character traits include many forms such as instilling honesty, discipline in carrying out tasks and socializing with others. Fostering them can be done through programs that help develop these traits, one of which is by introducing various types of professions in society, for example, the profession of a firefighter.

PT Suryacipta Swadaya received a visit from PAUD institutions that are located around the Suryacipta City of Industry on Thursday, 15th December 2022. The representative who visited Suryacipta PMK Work Unit was PAUD Dian Pertiwi Ciampel – as a collaborative activity with Batiqa Hotel & Apartments Karawang.

“This activity that introduces the profession and responsibilities of the members of Suryacipta PMK is only given in theory, bearing in mind that we are still in the Covid Pandemic condition. This differs from the visits we had pre-pandemic, where we get to introduce and practice the use of fire extinguishers to extinguish fires. The PAUD children were very enthusiastic about trying to use fire extinguishers and extinguishing fires using sacks” said Agus Susanto, Commander of Suryacipta PMK (firefighter) team.

Stunting Foster Father Program

During the Suryacipta CSR Program activity in October 2022, PT Suryacipta Swadaya became the foster parent for 10 (ten) stunted children across the Klari District for 6 (six) months. This BAAS donation was channeled through Karawang Regency Baznas.

Karawang is known to have been included in the 100 Priority Districts/Cities for Stunting Management since 2018 with a stunting toddler prevalence of 34.87 percent of 80,891 toddlers based on Riskesdas. Included in the government’s priority, it is well known that the Karawang Regency has succeeded in reducing the stunting rate by 8 percent in the past year

“The success of reducing the stunting rate in Karawang Regency by up to 8 percent is known to have been carried out in several ways, one of which is the foster parents’ program. The stunting rate here is 578 for each foster parent. For example, sub-district heads become foster parents for at least 5 children, heads of services for almost 30 years at least 5, Regent 10, Sekda 10, Kodim 25, Polres 25. Regarding BAAZS, we also involve the Industrial Estate Managers and their tenants” said Deputy Regent of Karawang Aep Syaepulloh.

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