Karawang Become the Favorite Location of Warehousing Industry

WWRC in Suryacipta City of Industry

Referring to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Investment/Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), the investment value of Domestic Investment (PMDN) and Foreign Investment (PMA) in 2021 had increased rapidly from 2020. Compared to 2020, it was recorded that throughout 2021 the realization of domestic investment reached Rp. 447 trillion or 8.1 percent higher, while the investment value of PMA is US$ 31 billion or 8.5 percent higher.

One sector with a fairly high contribution comes from transportation, warehouses, and telecommunications. This sector contributed a value of Rp. 61 trillion or 13.7 percent of the total realization of PMDN and US$ 3.1 billion or 10 percent of the total realization of PMA.

Based on the location, West Java is a favorite destination for domestic and foreign investment, including those that are widespread in Karawang Regency. Karawang has now become a favorite destination for industry players, which is due to the many supporting factors; such as its strategic location, direct access to Jakarta and Java via toll roads, labor productivity, and others.

Recently, one of the chemical warehousing industries, PT WWRC Indonesia (WWRC) held a groundbreaking event. WWRC locates its third branch of the warehousing industry in the Suryacipta City of Industry, an industrial area owned by PT Suryacipta Swadaya (Suryacipta) located in Karawang, West Java. The construction of WWRC in Karawang is the largest of the two previous WWRC companies located in Jakarta and Surabaya.

In his remarks, Nedria Dahlan as President Director of WWRC said ” We strive to be closer to our customers and suppliers, that’s why we decided to open a third branch of WWRC in Suryacipta City of Industry, Karawang which is surrounded by manufacturing industries. We believe it can increase the company’s performance even better.”

The WWRC warehouse capacity in Karawang is able to accommodate 5,000 tons for chemical goods storage. Currently, the majority of customers come from automotive, coating, construction, food chemical, and others which incidentally are also located in Suryacipta City of Industry.

According to Teoh Weng Chai, CEO of WWRC Group, “The automotive industry in Indonesia is growing very rapidly, especially electric vehicles. Therefore, we believe that our new warehouse and office in Karawang will be closer to our customers.”

Suryacipta City of Industry

(Hudaya Arryanto, Managing Director of Suryacipta)

Hudaya Arryanto, Managing Director of Suryacipta in his speech, said “Congratulations and success for PT WWRC Indonesia. We are proud to be chosen as the new and largest WWRC office and warehouse location in Indonesia. We will always facilitate tenants, one of which at this time, Ciawenindo as our partner, also supports WWRC by being the main contractor in its construction. Suryacipta will ensure that the needs of all tenants can be met properly.”

Suryacipta through the Suryacipta Centre of Information (SCI) or a one-stop integrated service (free of charge) also helps the WWRC construction process by involving Suryacipta’s partner, PT Ciawenindo Mitra Perkasa as the main contractor.

SCI exist to assist the needs of tenants and clients from the pre-investment process to business operations. Suryacipta believes that investors will be more comfortable choosing Karawang, West Java as an investment destination.

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