Ministry of Industry Visit to Suryacipta New Industrial Estate in Subang

The immense growth of industrial activities has led to the increasing demand for industrial estate. With the positive multiplier effect of such business activities, the Government and private sectors are driven to work hand in hand to accommodate the needs of a suitable industrial estate.

PT Suryacipta Swadaya (“Suryacipta”), as a reputable industrial estate developer, accepts this challenge by expanding its experience and expertise in Suryacipta City of Industry (Karawang) to a new project namely Subang Smartpolitan.

Subang Smartpolitan is anticipated to become the pioneer of 4.0 industrial estate in Indonesia. The industrial estate is equipped by the Diamond Bay area comprising Smart Healthcare and Education, Research & Development Center, Fiber Optic 4G and 5G, District Cooling System, and Smart Water Management System. Not only if is an industrial estate, rather this developed is an integrated smart city development comprising of residential, commercial, and recreational developments.

The new innovative project is extremely appreciated by the Government. On 30th of July 2020, Suryacipta received an honorary visit from the Ministry of Industry delegation, represented by the Director of Industrial Region, Mr. Ignatius Warsito.

The agenda started with a presentation by the Suryacipta team with regards to the project followed by a discussion on how both parties could work together and support each other. Undeniably, the appealing Diamond Bay, as the epicenter of the project, became the highlight of the agenda and the field visit was conducted directly to the designated area.

Mr. Warsito is confident that Subang Smartpolitan will be in line with industry 4.0 while at the same time would maintain Suryacipta’s commitment to the environment in accordance with the direction of the Minister. The Ministry of Industry team was very pleased with the presentation and detailed plan of the project. Furthermore, they are happy to know that Subang Smartpolitan has completed the basic infrastructure of the project and that Subang Smartpolitan will continue progressing as scheduled.

Mr. Warsito and his team then continued their field visit to Patimban Seaport which is not only a national priority project, but also the largest new port development within Indonesia’s National Strategic Projects. The Patimban Seaport will be equipped with direct access to Subang Smartpolitan via toll road.

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