Soft Opening Industrial Research & Development Centre 4.0

Today, industry is starting to enter a new era called Industry 4.0. Industrial revolution began when the Industrial Revolution 1.0 uses steam engine, followed by the Industrial Revolution 2.0 where steam engines were then replaced by the electric engines. It did not stop there where revolution of industry progressed to 3.0 when computer and robot start take their roles. Finally in an industrial exhibition in Hannover Messe (2011), a new concept of Industrial Revolution called “Industrial Revolution 4.0” is introduced.

Industry 4.0 emphasizes on:

  • Internet of Things;
  • Big Data;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Machine Learning.

In order to answer these challenges, Akademi Tehnik Mesin Industri (“ATMI”) collaborates with Suryacipta inaugurates Industrial Research and Development Center 4.0 (“IRDC 4.0” simply known as R&D Centre) on Thursday, May 3rd, 2019, at the R&D Center Building, Suryacipta City of Industry.
ATMI is a mechanical engineering academy that was established in 1968 under the auspices of Karya Bakti Surakarta Foundation which evolved to higher education institution that has a considerable influence on professional education, especially in the field of Mechanical Engineering Industry (Manufacturing Engineering). With such reputation, Suryacipta is therefore confident to engage ATMI as the partner for the R&D Centre.

Supporting Industry 4.0, improving efficiency and effectiveness thus optimising competitiveness is in line with the company’s vision, i.e. Building a Better Indonesia.

R&D Centre uses advanced systems and software from ATMI to control various industrial activities.
This facility allows tenants to simulate, study and develop smart building system using modules and software which will certainly help industrial production and maximize the application of industry 4.0. We can create new products and processes which are better through innovation.

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