Supporting Digitalisation, Suryacipta Hosts IT Company

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Another Information and Technology (IT) company recently becomes a new addition to the tenant list of Suryacipta City of Industry (Suryacipta). Despite the current pandemic, this addition shows the confidence of IT companies in penetrating the market and develops their business in Suryacipta.

VP Sales & Marketing of Suryacipta, Abednego Purnomo states that “IT-related investments have rapidly been growing in the past few years whereby we are optimistic to manifest Suryacipta’s objective to become the home base for IT companies. This is in line with the development of our phase 3, which many refer as the Digital Park of Suryacipta”.

“This new IT company adds other IT companies that have previously set foot and commence construction in Suryacipta. Moreover, there will be more IT companies expected in 2021”.

IT industry developments are closely related to internet connection wherein reference to e-Conomy SEA 2020 data published by Google, Temasek and Bain & Company, despite the economic performance in 2020, internet base economy in Indonesia records 11% growth (vs 2019). The largest portion of the growth comes from e-commerce, contributing US$ 11bio increase. Meanwhile, online travel experiences decrease by US$ 7bio.

Overall, the internet-based economy in Indonesia is expected to grow at 23%pa expected growth rate, reaching US$ 124bio in 2025.

According to Asian Development Bank, e-commerce contributes to the increase of data center demand in Indonesia. As confirmed by property consultant, CBRE, in its report (APAC Data Centre 2020), demand for data center in China, India and Indonesia enjoy this positive momentum.

“Our pipeline is dominated by IT companies, followed by consumer goods and automotive sector” Abednego further explains, “Some of the major considerations in selecting a location for IT companies are power, Fiber Optic network and water. Those utilities are the ‘must have’ abundantly and must be reliable. Several IT companies have selected Suryacipta as their host is a proof that infrastructures and utilities in Suryacipta fit their criteria”.

In addition to the premium power supply, Suryacipta operates its 31,000m3 (expandable) water treatment plant. There are Fiber Optic (FO) networks from several providers and more to come.

To fulfill the primary requirement of IT companies, thus providing optimum services in the FO network, Suryacipta welcomes more Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to collaborate with Suryacipta.

“To facilitate the demand (for IT Companies), we are in the midst of in-depth discussions with ISPs for FO, ‘to-and-from’ also within Suryacipta” adds Abednego.

PT Suryacipta Swadaya, a member of Surya Internusa Group, is also (currently) developing their smart city development, Subang Smartpolitan (Smartpolitan), a complete ecosystem where industry, residence, commercial and supporting infrastructures such as education and health facilities are integrated into one place.

Suryacipta and Smartpolitan aim to become the “smart” and “sustainable” benchmark for other estate developments, therefore may contribute to the smart and sustainable economy. This is in line with the corporate vision i.e., “Building a Better Indonesia”.

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