Suryacipta Received INDI 4.0 Special Award from Ministry of Industry

was granted the INDI 4.0 Special Award for the "Smart Industrial Estate" category

The Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenperin) regularly holds INDI 4.0 Award for nominated companies. This year, INDI 4.0 Special Award is held in dedication to companies/individuals competing for four categories; namely, Service / Technology Provider, Digital Transformation Manager, Smart Industrial Estate dan Industrial Internet of Things Startup.

The INDI 4.0 Award is an annual agenda held by Kemenperin since 2019, as a stimulus to increase productivity, efficiency, and capacity through the transformation of Industry 4.0. The success of the INDI 4.0 Award has inspired Kemenperin to strive to innovate, by conducting the INDI 4.0 Special Award that is intended for industrial estates. The industrial estates are selected based on their participation in making positive contributions to the acceleration of the implementation of the “Making Indonesia 4.0” program.

Once verified; validated; and competed with other industrial estates in Indonesia, PT Suryacipta Swadaya (Suryacipta), as a developer and management of industrial estates, was granted the INDI 4.0 Special Award for the “Smart Industrial Estate” category. The awarding ceremony was held on 2 December 2021, at the Ministry of Industry Building and represented by Mr. Abednego Purnomo as Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Suryacipta.

Abednego expressed his gratitude for the award given by Kemenperin and for the INDI 4.0 Special Award program.

“We are very glad to receive INDI 4.0 Special Award from Kemenperin. This will become a new spirit for us in realizing a smart and sustainable industrial estate, both our existing projects in Suryacipta City of Industry and Subang Smartpolitan for the near future,” said Abednego.

Abednego notes that Suryacipta is currently implementing the Smart Industrial Estate program, which is armed with more than 30 years of experience in managing industrial estates and has provided companies with adequate knowledge in meeting the needs of manufacturing tenants.

Since 2017, Suryacipta started the transformation of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), which includes the preparation of entering the industry 4.0 era. Suryacipta has implemented several programs in running the strategy and roadmap of industry 4.0; such as the development of current infrastructures to support industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things), and adopting the technology of industry 4.0 to increase the efficiency and effectivity in providing excellent services for tenants.

Generally, industry players can improve operational accuracy, increase profitability, and production competence with the transformation of industry 4.0. Furthermore, it is hoped that foreign investors would grow more trust in Indonesia as their first investment destination, concluded Abednego.

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