Tenant Gathering Suryacipta, Supporting Economic Growth and Manufacturing Industry

PT Suryacipta Swadaya (Suryacipta), a subsidiary of the Surya Internusa Group (SSIA), has held a Tenant Gathering event on Wednesday, 2 November 2022 at the Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta. The 151 invited guests are the domestic and international tenants of Suryacipta City of Industry, Karawang. These tenants come from various manufacturing industries such as automotive, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, and others.

Suryacipta Tenant Gathering was held as a forum to encourage friendly relations between Suryacipta estate managers and the tenants. The Tenant Gathering was also held as a form of support for the upcoming economic growth within the manufacturing industry, by encouraging participation in discussions by Expert Speakers regarding “Economy Outlook 2023 and Future of Industrial Estate”.

In his presentation, Zikril Hakim, Real Estate Strategy & Investment Specialist from PWC Strategy& Indonesia notes “Currently, the world economy is facing inflationary and growth pressures, the IMF has even lowered its 2023 global economic growth projection. In October 2021, the IMF predicts world GDP growth in 2023 can reach 3.6 percent. However, as of October 2022, this estimate has decreased to 2.7 percent”.

This also applies to the global inflation in 2023, which was initially estimated to be at 3.2 percent, but adjustments were made to 5.1 percent. Several main factors influencing this condition considers the supply chain disruptions due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, China’s quarantine policy, and the pandemic recovery process, said Zikril.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is projected to remain in a relatively stable condition – although it will still be affected by global inflation pressures next year. Indonesia’s GDP growth in 2023 is estimated to reach around 5 percent, compared to the previous estimate of 6.4 percent; and 2023 inflation will reach 3.3 percent from the previous estimate of 3 percent. This relatively stable condition was driven by the optimism of maintained monetary and fiscal policies, which includes Government subsidies.

Johannes Suriadjaja as President Director of Suryacipta in his remarks said, “Right now, we are all experiencing a slowdown in global economic growth, and many are warning of a threatening recession”.

Nevertheless, Johannes also mentioned that we cannot just sit idly by and accept this situation. He believes that it is important for us to strive, innovate and adapt. By then, we will not only survive, but will be able to go beyond, grow, and develop further.

Suryacipta City of Industry continues to innovate and provide improved services to support tenants’ business activities, one of which is by creating the “Suryacipta Mobile Application”, said Johannes.

Today’s Tenant Gathering was held in conjunction with the launch of the Suryacipta Mobile Application, the latest digital infrastructure innovation created to provide convenience for tenants and clients. One of the main features is the Tenant Access menu, where tenants can report information and/or suggestions regarding infrastructure, utilities, and services in Suryacipta City of Industry directly via smartphone so that the Suryacipta team can respond more quickly.

Additionally, there are many other interesting and useful features, such as Suryacipta Center of Information that contains guidance documents in building investments in Indonesia. Through this feature, tenants and clients can also immediately arrange appointments for direct consultation with the Suryacipta Center of Information team. This is none other than part of Suryacipta’s service, which is their one-stop service.

Suryacipta had also carried out other digital transformations, including asset development and management operations. The real step is implementing Internet of Things (IoT)-based infrastructure, such as expanding fiber optic networks and implementing smart water management. In addition to the routine programs carried out by the estate management, this transformation is also carried out based on input from tenants which aims to make operational activities in the estate more efficient.

After the pandemic, we will see the emergence of the “new economy” segment, where the main trend for industrial estates themselves will be towards estates adopting technology in their infrastructure and prioritizing concepts of efficiency and sustainability, added Johannes.

Realizing this, Suryacipta’s management is one step ahead by expanding its estate with the title “Subang Smartpolitan”, an integrated independent city with a smart & sustainable concept aimed to be the destination of manufacturing, commercial, residential, and educational businesses. Armed with more than 30 years of experience, Suryacipta designs and implements IoT-based infrastructure in Subang Smartpolitan from the start. Connected with national infrastructures such as Patimban Seaport, Kertajati International Airport, Trans Java Toll Road, Subang Smartpolitan is a magnet for investors to invest in Indonesia.

Not only presenting an ideal and comfortable destination for investors, but all the improvements and innovations made by Suryacipta also aims to be able to contribute to the environment and society, especially for the people living around the Suryacipta estate. This is of course in line with the company’s vision of “Building a Better Indonesia”.

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