Toll Gates Expansion at East Kawarang 2 (Jakarta – Cikampek Toll) – Direct Access to Suryacipta City of Industry

In conjunction with the industrial activities growth at Suryacipta, to overcome traffic jam and minimise queue at toll gate, especially during peak hours (morning and afternoon), PT Jasa Marga Tbk Jakarta–Cikampek Branch (as the toll road operator) is undergoing road widening towards access of toll booths just outside Suryacipta, we will be expecting 4 additional booths at the toll gate of East Karawang 2, hence smoothening direct access to Suryacipta City of Industry.

This construction adds 400m on both side of the road. The project is being done by PT Multi Karya Cemerlang and it is expected to complete in June 2019.

Suryacipta’s tenants will benefit from the smooth journey and more efficient logistics.

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