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Subang Smartpolitan


Subang Smartpolitan is an integrated development with a complete ecosystem to accommodate work, live, learn, and play. This smart and sustainable city offers industrial area, commercial, entertainment, residential and education area.

Located in the heart of Java Industrial Corridor, the 2,700Ha development has direct access to toll networks connecting directly to major cities, West Java International Airport, and the new Patimban Seaport. Additionally, Subang Smartpolitan is connected via railroad network and the planned Jakarta-Surabaya High-Speed Train.

Adoption of technology and IoT ables Smartpolitan to host advanced manufacturing practices and balanced living.

Subang Smartpolitan aims to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and security through technology and IoT application.

For further information, please visit Subang Smartpolitan here

South Smart Core Subang Smartpolitan