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With this paper, you will gain insight into:

  • Indonesia Overview
  • Corporate Establishment
  • Investment Incentives
  • Import Regulation and Duty
  • Tax System
  • Human Resources and Labor Law

6 Main Keys Opportunity..

Indonesia Overview

Unlock extensive market potential by accessing a population of over 270 million and capitalize on regional business opportunities as Indonesia serves as the gateway to the ASEAN market.

Corporate Establishment

Experience a smooth and efficient corporate setup facilitated by our expert guidance, ensuring quick establishment, and seamlessly navigate through Indonesian business regulations.

Investment Incentives

Unlock exclusive incentives designed to catalyze your investment success, including enticing benefits that elevate your returns and foster long-term business sustainability.

Import Regulation and Duty

Navigate import regulations effortlessly while optimizing cost-efficiency, with a comprehensive guide to duties and regulations ensuring a smooth and cost-effective supply chain.

Tax System

Experience a favorable tax environment with tailored incentives, providing investors with strategic advantages and maximizing returns on investment through a tax system designed to encourage business growth.

Human Resources and Labor Law

Tap into a talented and motivated workforce while staying compliant with labor laws through expert guidance from us, ensuring the smooth and seamless operation of your business.

Indonesia & Suryacipta

Positioning That Drives Your Growth

Investing in Indonesia is increasingly attractive.

Indonesia has tremendous growth potential with its vast plots, abundant resources, young capable workforce, and a large domestic market.

Indonesia is showing a clear strength with its current improvement in the investment climate and higher global profile.

Suryacipta is home to 150 prestigious global companies, as well as nearly 50 respective Indonesian companies, offering vast plots to develop various industries.

Well located in the heart of the industrial belt of West Java, the estate offers a congenial setting for businesses to take shape because of easy accessibility & connectivity. This makes Suryacipta one of the most sought-after industrial estates in Indonesia.

Unlocking Indonesia's Growth Potential with Suryacipta

Exploring Business Opportunities in Indonesia


Suryacipta – Fully Integrated Smart Industrial Estate in Karawang & Subang, West Java

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Karawang is the government prioritized regions in Indonesia’s national strategic infrastructure development program.

It is mindfully designed for innovation & growth.

Availability of Commercial, Educational, Accomodation, Healthcare Facilities and Transportation Network that positions Karawang as the most desired location for Global Manufacturers.

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New Center of Economic Corridor Expansion in West Java

Indonesia’s industrial development center has now expanded from Jakarta & the connecting cities, to further east in West Java, namely Subang & the neighboring areas.

Those areas consist of 6 regencies & 1 city which are currently under regional development, the so-called Rebana Metropolitan Development Project. The project is designated by the West Java Government to boost investment & economic growth and create millions of jobs.