Suryacipta Welcomes BYD to Subang Smartpolitan

30 April 2024 – Subang Smartpolitan “Green, Smart and Sustainable City”, an integrated township for industrial and commercial areas in Indonesia is proud to welcome BYD, one of the global pioneers in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, as its newest tenant. The establishment of an EV plant by BYD in Subang Smartpolitan marks an important step in driving sustainable mobility in Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region.

Abednego Purnomo as VP of Sales, Marketing & Tenant Relations Subang Smartpolitan states “We are very pleased to welcome BYD to Subang Smartpolitan. BYD’s presence in Subang Smartpolitan proves the attractiveness of our area as a leading industrial hub, especially in the automotive sector. In line with the company’s vision to “Building a Better Indonesia”, we are optimistic that this achievement will drive economic growth and the transition towards clean energy”.

Choosing Subang Smartpolitan as its plant location, BYD became the first largest tenant in the area by occupying an area of over 108 hectares. This marks a monumental achievement for Subang Smartpolitan, especially in industrial land sales.

Large Investments Drive Economic Growth and Technology Transfer

BYD’s major investment in Subang Smartpolitan is predicted to be a catalyst for significant economic growth in Indonesia. This EV plant will not only create thousands of new jobs, but also increase technology transfer and expertise in EV manufacturing. This will encourage the growth of supporting industries in the EV sector, and may also open new opportunities for local companies to engage in the global EV supply chain.

Abednego expressed confidence that BYD’s presence will significantly support the development of the EV industry in Indonesia. “More than that, we are optimistic that this will attract further investment to Indonesia, opening the door for more global companies to set up their manufacturing base here. This will have a positive impact on existing supply chain companies in Indonesia, where they can also participate in BYD’s supply chain” he said.

Abednego’s optimism is backed by the high interest of foreign investors in Indonesia’s EV industry. “We can also say that we are currently handling many inquiries from related industries and most of them come from China. This shows investors’ confidence in the potential of the EV industry in Indonesia” he explained.

More than Just an EV Manufacturing Plant

BYD plans to build a comprehensive EV ecosystem in Subang Smartpolitan, which includes a research and development center and training facilities equipped with the latest energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. The handover of land between Subang Smartpolitan and BYD will happen in August 2024. BYD plans for phased construction operations, with operations expected to commence in January 2026.

“Through various assessments, BYD has determined that the Subang Smartpolitan industrial area is suitable to become the location for the development of BYD’s EV industry in Indonesia. This industrial area meets our criteria in terms of size, proximity, environment, and infrastructure requirements thus, we are confident that the facilities to be built will be able to drive the growth of Indonesia’s automotive industry and transition towards clean energy while also supporting the economy, especially in the surrounding region,” said Eagle Zhao, President Director of PT BYD Motor Indonesia.

BYD’s global dominance is undeniable. In 2023, it surpassed other EV brands as the world’s leading EV manufacturer by deliveries, showcasing its production prowess and consumer appeal. This achievement highlights BYD’s potential to disrupt the global EV landscape, particularly in markets seeking affordable and reliable electric transportation solutions.

Therefore, Indonesia’s growing EV market with sales nearly tripling in 2023, presents a significant opportunity for BYD. With its diverse range of models and established presence in public transportation, BYD is well-positioned to capture a sizable share.

Strategic Location and Complete Infrastructure Support BYD’s Success

BYD will set up its plant in the Phase 2 area of Subang Smartpolitan, specifically in the northern part of the area. This strategic location will ease the access to and from the plant, facilitated by the direct toll exit to Subang Smartpolitan from Cikopo-Palimanan (Cipali) Toll Road at KM 89 coming soon.

The industrial area that is integrated with various national strategic infrastructures is one of the reasons BYD chose Subang Smartpolitan as its investment destination. These include the Patimban Access Toll Road which directly connects to Patimban Port, Kertajati International Airport, and the Trans Java Toll Road which connects to the capital city of Jakarta, Bandung, and other cities in West and Central Java.

Being Part of the Future of Mobility

Subang Smartpolitan and BYD are both committed to promoting sustainable business practices. BYD’s EV plant will implement the latest energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies, while Subang Smartpolitan itself is developing smart infrastructures to support tenants’ business sustainability.

BYD’s arrival at Subang Smartpolitan signals a new era in mobility in Indonesia. With a shared commitment to innovate, promote sustainability, and drive economic growth, Subang Smartpolitan and BYD are prepared to lead the transition to a smarter, more sustainable future.

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