What Technologies will drive Smart Manufacturing dan Industry 4.0?

What is Smart Manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing and industry 4.0 is our world’s present and future.The term itself refers to the manufacturing process that involves the use of smart information technology to take on every single aspect of the process and turn it into something more effective and efficient. It turned a traditional factory into a smart factory where the equipment and machinery were self-automated and self-optimized to improve the process from planning to execution.
The driving force behind the implementation of the process is none other than technology. Take a look at the technologies used this system:

3D Printing

smart manufacturing
3D printing machines are an important part of manufacturing. This machine uses digital design to create production parts from scratch. 3D printing is mostly used for small-batch manufacturing, custom orders, and prototypes. The machines give the manufacturer more flexibility in producing a product in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an inseparable part of this. AI can be used for several tasks, including quality control, predictive maintenance, and material handling. AI systems work by combining data from sensors, machines, and people and then applying it to their algorithm to execute specific decisions.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality usually use by overlaying digital information of something being viewed through smartphone camera. It is used in both the training center and on the job.The use of AR helps reduce injuries, improve workplace safety, and improve work effectiveness.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology has been used in many industries.This technology allows for the entire aspect of servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and analytics to be sent over the internet to achieve faster results, reduce cost, and eliminate the need for on-site hardware. Cloud computing allows the manufacturer to connect globally to track the status of the product seamlessly.


smart manufacturing
Cobots, or collaborative robots, are designed to work together with humans in assembling and packaging areas. Cobots are more user-friendly, easier to operate, more flexible to move around the factory, and have the ability to perform new tasks.
By incorporating cobots in the 3D work area (dirty, dangerous, and boring), employees will be able to focus more on other aspects of their job, ultimately improving employee well-being.

Intelligent Sensor

Intelligent sensor used broadly in manufacturing industry. Highly advanced sensors enable the machine to work to its full potential, detect the smallest change so that it can be addressed immediately, and report any type of malfunction in real time, increasing the machine’s productivity and efficiency.

Automation System

Automation systems and AI in this process are working together to bring automation levels higher than before. Software based on AI and automation will bring leverage to the manufacturing process from the planning process, scheduling, and predictive maintenance. Automation systems help a great deal to make production levels go faster while reducing employee risk of injury since everything is done automatically with little to no intervention from employees.

Wireless Technology

This system relies heavily on data transfer in real-time. To constantly transfer large amounts of data, a high-speed connection is essential. 5G technology is gradually replacing 4G technology. 5G is roughly ten times faster than 4G, and it can provide faster speeds for a better user experience as well as new services.

This is necessary for manufacturing industries that wish to grow bigger and better to survive in a highly competitive world. The proper use of technology in manufacturing will increase the efficiency of big data use, improve product quality, mitigate workforce challenges, and ultimately create a better customer experience.

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