5 Smart Technologies for “Making Indonesia 4.0”

Indonesia 4.0 envisions a future of economic growth and technological advancement. To achieve this, innovative solutions are needed to address the country’s unique challenges and unlock its untapped potential. Smart technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, hold the key to shaping Indonesia’s future.

In this article, we explore five smart technologies that can revolutionize industries and drive unparalleled growth, propelling Indonesia towards its vision of Indonesia to be 4.0. Discover how these advancements can empower businesses and individuals, fostering innovation and propelling the nation into a new era of success.

indonesia 4.0


5 Smart Technologies

The Making Indonesia to be 4.0 is an effort towards strategic improvements in the country by integrating internet technology with the manufacturing process. To better understand industry 4.0, let’s have a look at the technologies driving it.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

    Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the driving forces behind Industry 4.0 technology. With its computing capabilities, IoT collects and monitors data from basically anything throughout businesses. The IoT is a foundational technology to help make better decisions on every level of organization.
    Predictive maintenance is one of the obvious examples of industrial IoT application. It improves production efficiency significantly. If each machine is connected to sensors and monitors, we can identify usage, time and find out whether a unit needs an upgrade or fixing.

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is a vital advance for business and the overall economy. It allows manufacturers to scale up their production in a cheaper and more efficient way, without compromising quality.

    Artificial intelligence has the ability to determine cost, materials and manufacturing processes. This eventually enhances business competitiveness. A simple application of artificial intelligence in the supply chain is replacing inspections. It can execute tasks and perform quality control accurately. Since Artificial intelligence is constantly learning, it will help with complex decision-making in the future.

  3. Augmented and virtual reality

    Both virtual reality and augmented reality are essential for making industry revolution Indonesia 4.0. The implementation will bring a series of advantages for industrial companies especially for process improvement, cost savings and safety.
    Indonesia can benefit from operations training with AR and VR to provide a better labor market. For instance, technicians who handle specific machines can learn, visualize and even interact with the computer to find problems and resolve them. It is also possible to place personnel in a virtual environment so he can directly check any operation incident as if it were real.

  4. Robotic and Sensor Technology

    Robotics is science, engineering and technology combined. It has gained intellectual capabilities that enable robotics to replicate and even substitute human actions.
    Robotic and sensor technology can perform repetitive tasks intelligently without a human operators. Even if the task is complex, robotics require little to no downtime. As part of industry 4.0 technology, such machines can be placed in warehouses. It can greatly contribute to continuous improvement since it can determine the quickest route, hold extremely heavy items, and even manage order pickups.

  5. 3D Printing

    3D printing technology is advancing and more companies look for opportunities to integrate their lineup with this offering. This particular industry 4.0 technology can offer cost-saving, waste reduction, and improved construction quality to speed up even the most complex process.

In terms of making Indonesia 4.0, 3D printing technology has been used to print concrete for infrastructures in the construction sector. This infrastructure printing can have many purposes for building bridges and houses using special mixtures. Not only that this benefit the construction industry but also reduces material expenses.


Suryacipta supports making Indonesia 4.0 with smart infrastructures and technologies

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With Indonesia’s ambitious vision to become the world’s top 10 economy in 2030, the country is doing massive industry upgrades in various key sectors. The five technological transformations mentioned above will accelerate manufacturing industry revitalization.

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Making Indonesia 4.0: Strategies and Readiness – Suryacipta

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