PLN and Suryacipta Signs a MoU for the Supply of Electricity and Renewable Energy in Subang Smartpolitan

After the signing of the Toll Road Concession Agreement (PPJT) for the construction of the Patimban Access Toll Road in January 2023, the realization of the development of an integrated independent city “Subang Smartpolitan” becomes progressively real. Recently, PT PLN (Persero) and PT Suryacipta Swadaya (Suryacipta), a subsidiary of PT Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk (SSIA) had also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the supply and distribution of electricity in Subang Smartpolitan. Through this collaboration, PLN is committed to providing electricity with a capacity of up to 650 MW, which will be distributed and utilized by tenants in the Subang Smartpolitan area.

This agenda is part of the co-investment cooperation program launched by PLN, in which PLN cooperates with five strategic industries; which includes industrial areas, smelter industries, and up to industrial data centers. This agenda aims to help listed industries efficiently access electricity, and this agenda is marked by the signing of a PLN Memorandum of Understanding with five partners at the PLN Head Office on April 5, 2023.

The signing of the memorandum was carried out by the Managing Director of Suryacipta, Hudaya Arryanto and Deputy President Director of Suryacipta & Director of SSIA, Wilson Effendy with Main Director of PLN Darmawan Prasodjo. The signing ceremony was also attended by the President Director of Suryacipta & SSIA, Johannes Suriadjaja.

The Main Director of PLN, Darmawan Prasodjo, notes; one of the pillars of national economic growth is the industrial sector. Downstreaming can increase Indonesia’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by increasing the selling value of mineral commodity products. One of the most important factors to ensure sustainability and increase the competitiveness of industries is the availability of electricity that is reliable, efficient, and based on renewable energy.

“Today we will be signing a cooperation with a number of strategic partners to provide electricity. This cooperation is a collaboration with PT Suryacipta Swadaya to provide electricity for Subang Smartpolitan. This collaboration will act as a prime exhibition on how PLN cooperates – in the form of co-investment – with the private sectors within developing areas. On PLN’s end, the form of support in this co-investment is not exclusively the supply of electricity, but will also through the development of smart solution interconnections. This collaboration will prompt renewable energy JV and retail JV that will be used to further enhance the development of smart utilities and connectivity. The total supply of electricity for this area is 650 MW,” said Darmawan.

As is known, Subang Smartpolitan is an integrated township development that takes up an area of ​​2,717 hectares. Subang Smartpolitan will be a city where economic and social activities take place. The area will be supported by smart infrastructure that makes it more efficient and environmentally friendly. Subang Smartpolitan’s strategic location connects a number of major national infrastructures; such as the Trans Java Toll Road, Patimban Access Toll Road, Patimban Port, Kertajati International Airport, as well as railway lines for passengers and cargo.

Suryacipta Managing Director, Hudaya Arryanto, mentions; this collaboration with PLN is a strategic step, because current industry requires electricity supply that is resilient and green. The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding is one of Suryacipta’s manifestations in realizing the ‘smart, green & sustainable’ concept of the Subang Smartpolitan area.

In addition to obtaining reliable electricity support from the PLN network, along with its Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), Suryacipta and PLN will form a subsidiary for the generation of New & Renewable Energy (EBT); and a subsidiary for the distribution of electricity in Subang Smartpolitan.

“Our potential tenants need clean energy, such as having a Renewable Energy Certificate. Going forward in Subang Smartpolitan, we want to develop a green and sustainable smart grid system together with PLN that will benefit not only us as area managers, but also provide added value to our tenants,” said Hudaya Arryanto.

Hudaya Arryanto added, “Electricity supply and NRE development in the area, the construction of the Patimban Access Toll Road, and the construction of Phase-1 Subang Smartpolitan are all targeted to be in operations by 2024. So it seems that 2024 will not only be a political year, but also a fruitful year for investment. We are very happy and enthusiastic, and we are ready to work collaborate with PLN to realize this cooperation.”

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